Album 1 Album 1 A CITY'S CHILD Late 1970, filming A City's Child in the studio in Armstrong Street, Middle Park, Melbourne. DOP was Bruce McNaughton. Production Manager, Rhonda Finlayson (Schepisi). 35775315 DOUBLE DEAL DVD cover for recent release. 35775634 BARBI TAYLOR Barbi and I worked on several films including FROG DREAMING, which she produced. Barbi was a very dear friend and a talented filmmaker. 35775635 DOUBLE DEAL On the set with Louis Jourdan, a charming and talented man. 35775640 AFI AFI Award Winner for Best Film Editing, 1985. 35775641 A.S.E. With Tim on receiving our Honorary Life Memberships from Australian Screen Editors Guild. 35775642 PARIS With Caroline Cunningham at Maxim's 1980 on the way home from Cannes. 35775643 DOUBLE DEAL With Caroline Cunningham and my niece, Helen who were crew members. 35775644 DEPARTURE On location in Richmond, Tasmania with Serge Lazareff and Michael Duffield. 35775645 DEPARTURE With Ken Sallows, the editor, on location in Tasmania. 35775648 DEPARTURE With Ken Sallows who edited Departure. 35775649 A CITY'S CHILD BK Editing A City's Child 1971 35885335 LONDON 1963 In Kensington. Worked at a documentary house, Stanley Schofield Productions, in Old Bond Street. 35775652 A CITY'S CHILD Monica Maughan and Sean Scully, record cover. 35885336 PARIS With US filmmaker, John Alaimo in Paris. We worked together in Sydney in 1969 with Roger Mirams on Woobinda TV series. 35775653 A CITY'S CHILD Monica Maughan & Sean Scully 35885337 WOOBINDA Cast & crew on location. BK Supervising Editor for the series. 35885796 DOUBLE DEAL With Lyn Barker, co-producer of Double Deal. 35775654 A CITY'S CHILD On the set with DOP Bruce McNaughton. 35885338 DEPARTURE Christine Suli, co-producer and good friend. 36015716 CAPABLE OF MURDER Book one in Belinda Lawrence mystery series. 191741631 THE EMBROIDERED CORPSE Book Two 191741632 BLOODY HAM Book Three 191741630 A CANTERBURY CRIME Book Four 191741629 A WICKED DESIGN Book Five 191741633